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The Winds of Termina: prologue and Chapter .1
Cilen never fit in. Most of the other dekus in the quild thought of him as a joke. Mostly because he didn't have a sword. Instead, he had deku nuts. In reality, these little things could kill a target if it hit their face. Cilen wished he could get a sword, but he never had enough rupess to cover the price. Clock town's shop had a sword, but it was 200 rupess. Besides that, Cilen kept to himself and was friendly if you talked to him.
-Chapter 1-
It was a special day for Cilen. Deku guard inciation day was today, and he wanted to get into the special ranks. He wasn't sure if he would, but people with deku nuts on them are pretty good with stealth. Cilen was very fast, so he figured he would get in. "Alright listen up!" The quild master said "If you bunch of suck ups want to get a higher stance here, I'd suggest you pay attention to what the judges say. If you don't make it this year, you can try again in the winter trials. Everyone, get into a single file line!" Every one ste
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Lyn's Strange Experience
Task One: Lyn's Strange Experience
Fresh from sending off her letter, Lyn was helping search for survivors within the village itself. She didn't want to venture outside Fauna by herself for fear of running into those Wolfos. She checked under pots, in loose rubble, and everywhere else. She left no stone unturned, and from what she caught from quick glances around her, neither did the other village residents. After a long bit of uneventful searching, Lyn spotted some light disappearing into the depths of a mouse hole that had long since been dug deep into a building. After gathering her courage, she ran through the mouse hole until she was under what used to be the flooring of the building above her. Some parts had collapsed, letting light flow into the dark tunnel. She followed the mouse hole all the way to it's end, where it opened up to a medium sized room. Well, medium sized for the bigger races.
"Hey! Who are you? I haven't seen you in the Minish district before." Lyn
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Random stufflez

Lovely pixel art of Haruki, Gael on the random widgets were made by XenomorphicDragon <3

Midas stamp by FayeleneFyre LIT: ANIMATED- Jace In Action by FayeleneFyre Embarrassed Iris Stamp by FayeleneFyre Dissoto Stamp by FayeleneFyre
DEKU LOVE STAMP by BlazingStarO Keep Practicing stamp by FayeleneFyre Left-handed by MagdaMilo pokemon suicune by Xiahism Holiiewood Support Stamp by HolIiewood 'I Support Orange Link' Stamp by 0h1337One Be Kind To Deku Scrubs by Spirit-of-Twilight Wolf Woman Stamp by Goldenwolf Wolf Heart Stamp by FayeleneFyre Edward stamp by Superpluplush Edward stamp by Superpluplush A Hopeless Romantic by ElStamporoonios [HTTYD Stamp] Dragons Logo by CanineHybrid HTTYD Dragons Stamp by TwilightProwler Pokemon by Daakukitsune wreck-it ralph stamp by Pharaoh-Ink Stamp Pokemon 282-Gardevoir by Colodife Stamp Pokemon 475-Gallade by Colodife A nice anti vore stamp by Bitchtits-McGee Jace and Sabrina Stamp by xXAbandonedPunsXx I love Winged Wolves Stamp by lupinemoonfeather Australian Shepherd Pup Stamp by cloudrat Spyro and Cynder Stamp by GlowingSpirit Star Fox Adventures Stamp by NateFox

People Cry Stamp by Mirz123 Appreciate Stamp by Mirz123 Original Characters Stamp by Stamp221 Comission: Shiny Charizard Stamp by The-Shiny-Store Mega Gallade by Douxette


Fluffbutts (Still)
Still Fluffbutt of your character~

Fluffbutts (Animated)
A Fluffbutt commission of a character with simple animation. (requires outlining or background)

Sketch Commission (Single character)
A sketch of one character by itself.

Sketch Commission (More than one character)
A sketch of two characters (MAY do three; depends).

Flat colored+transparent BG

A single character flat-colored on a transparent BG.

Colored character+Transparent BG (shaded)
Drawing of a character, colored and shaded, on a transparent BG. Adding a second character heavily depends on what I am open for at the time, though cost will not change unless both characters are complex. Please try to keep the commission simple if you can.

Character Custom Design (Sketch)
Sketchy concept of a character design. With this commission, please give me details for your character! Do not tell me "Design and species/creature is up to you.", it is too often people expect me to design from scratch. You don't have to have an exact idea, but give me some ingredients to work with at least. I will not 100% plan your character for you. That is your job- my job is to put it together. Even if they are tiny details, so long as I can work with it.

:star: THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE RULE: Do not ask me to use designs or ideas from other people, ESPECIALLY if you did not have permission from them. Example: "I want my character to have Iris' hair, just blue", that will not fly. In-game or series inspiration is fine so long as it is not a carbon copy- it must be different enough that the characters don't look the same. If I am told to make a character that is based on someone else's or is too much like an official character from a company, I have rights to turn it down.
:bulletblue: I will do anything from dragons, most kinds of Zelda characters (depends, as I am iffy on more human characters since they give me a harder time), animals, anthros, and many more. Heavily depends on the character, but there isn't much I wont draw so long as it follows my rules.
:bulletred: I will NOT draw things that are oversexualized (unnaturally large boobs, for example), extreme amounts of gore, any kinds of fetish, or things that people may find offensive.
:bulletorange: I currently will not do Sonic characters for this specific commission.

Majora's Mask

Characters drawn in the style of Majora's Mask.

Full Colored Commission (Digital lining)
A full colored drawing. Colored character, detailed BG, and lined digitally on the computer. I usually will only do one character, but I may make an exception and do more than one. It is best discussed with me.
I most likely will not accept human characters; it depends on what I am open for at the time ^^

Full Colored Commission (Traditional lining)
A full colored drawing. Colored character, detailed BG, and lined traditionally with a pen or pencil. I usually will only do one character, but I may make an exception and do more than one. It is best discussed with me.
I most likely will not accept human characters; it depends on what I am open for at the time ^^


Artist | Varied
United States

ID made by the wonderful AbsoluteDream ;w;

Pepper Sprite (Arcanine) by FayeleneFyre Jace (Gallade) Sprite by FayeleneFyre Nila Sprite by FayeleneFyre Iris (Gardevoir) Sprite by FayeleneFyre Skyla Sprite by FayeleneFyre Bentley Sprite by FayeleneFyre


Check out my YouTube if ya like~FayeleneFyre



Hey all! I'm FayeleneFyre (Fay-Lean-Fire). You can call me Faye, Kass, or Fyre. Call me what ya like though!

I am a complete nerd! I love all things video game and anime! My main focus lately has been Zelda and Pokemon, with some other fandoms on the side.

I enjoy music, sculpting, gaming (especially), painting, writing, and drawing. I'm always trying new things and new hobbies.

little ray of sunshiny by mamasaurus

:rose:Terminian Yucca and Lilly made by HolIiewood <3

Will be posting YCH's sometime soon <3 

12 deviants said I WANT ONE
3 deviants said *skitters under rock*

JurneeTale- a WIP Undertale AU

JurneeTale is an Undertale AU created by BlazingStarO and I! It is a AU where the monsters were never sealed underground. It is crossed with the Kingdom Hearts world, making it capable of having multiple crossovers. The AU follows two young Boss Monsters, Gael and Souta Jurnee as they travel worlds with the help of Alphy's amazing machinery!

More to be added~!


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learn why the hero of hyrule is mute
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